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Economic and Conjuncture Studies Centre CJSC. (TSEKI CJSC.) was established in 2012 in Moscow by Russian professionals in security, marketing, IT and psychology. The company goal is to help partners to timely react on growing business security risks.

We offer the following services:

  1. Security risk assessments and security audits — we conduct scrupulous audit of physical security, information security, audit of fraud prevention measures and business continuity planning.
  2. Business intelligence and counterintelligence — we do marketing research on competitors’ market potential, their finance and legal stability, clients focus.
  3. Trade union issues — we provide risk analysis, weak point definitions, strategy vision, and proactive liaisons with trade unions leaders.
  4. Security investigations — we conduct corporate security inquiries.
  5. Background screenings and due diligence — we deliver detailed reports on employees, applicants and business partners which include (but not limited to):
  • Business profiles
  • Assets
  • Employment/Academics
  • Criminal History
  • Property Ownership
  • Possible debts and judgments

Company contacts:

Name: TSEKI Llc.
Name in Russian: АО(Н) «ЦЭКИ»
Address: 115280, Russia, Moscow, Masterkova st., 4, office 600
Tax num. (INN): 7729715176
Telephone:  +7 495 142 73 21